All’interno del barattolo

Spazio In Situ
curated by Porter Ducrist

24.09.19 / 09.10.19

Following the 2018 exhibition Assurdita’ Contemporanea, the Gallery of Art of Temple University Rome is presenting a new project by Spazio In Situ, an artist run space in the neighborhood of Tor Bella Monaca, which has recently emerged as one of the most interesting art spaces in Rome. In this last year, this co-working studio has grown, with the addition of six new young artists, Sveva Angeletti, Alessandra Cecchini, Francesca Cornacchini, Federica di Pietrantonio, Daniele Sciacca and Guendalina Urbano.The current exhibition All’interno del Barattolo, is the first time that these artists are exhibiting together in a public space.The exhibition underlines the mission of Spazio In Situ to remain in constant dialogue with the work space as a source of artistic experience, a type of generator able to put in dialogue artists of very different mediums and styles (photography, installations, painting), but linked by their reflection on their daily existence, between container and contained, media and message, reality and art, in a relationship that also involves the spectator.

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