In Situ was spountaneously born by working togheter as a group, free from the critical-historical meaninig of the term “artistic group”, with the purpose of facing the complex role that artists have in our contemporary society, and in order to reach a higher level of artistic research.
[…] artworks are free to live in the space, breathing an open-minded atmosphere that leads to a huge network of hyperlinks and unlimited possibilities.
Sara Fiorelli


Its salvation (of the art) is in the not to try to be art anymore
Porter Ducrist


on going

From Tor Bella with Love

Christophe Constantin / Marco De Rosa / Daniele Sciacca

09.11.19 – 30.12.19

su appuntamento:  insitu.roma@gmail.com / +39 328-5439828

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Federicadipiet x Spazio In Situ