Spazio In Situ presents: Angela Cerullo & Giorgio Bloch / Caroline von Gunten

from the 2nd of March 2019 to the 31st of March 2019

opening: 2nd March, 19.00

by appointment: / +39 328-5439828

with a performance of Pascal Sidler and Angela Cerullo & Giorgio Bloch

The artist collective ACGB (Angela Cerullo & Giorgio Bloch) and the artist Caroline von Gunten were jointly invited to show their work in a duo exhibition, as one of the four exhibitions of the series “Gehen in den Bergen spazieren” dedicated to young Swiss artists.

“Angela Cerullo & Giorgio Bloch / Caroline von Gunten” gives insight into the latest production of their positions that share a common interest, in both natural and urban environments, as well as related social structures and their fictional constructions.

In their artistic work, Angela Cerullo & Giorgio Bloch address the question of how today, in an everyday life that is increasingly saturated with images due to digitalisation, the production of sculptural objects / installations can still be political.

If, on the one hand, living increasingly in virtual space, our reality is more and more dematerialized, it is, at the same time, also pervaded by a network of narratives which objects assimilate and that became part of the functions and qualities through which we perceive and describe things and define the intelligible world in itself. The installative work of ACGB consists of formulations of counter-narratives.

The installation as a practice allows the artist collective to deal with the plurality of narratives – the informations and everyday myths – that determine our living space on a subjective level socially and politically. ACGB describe their installation approach as cinematic / scenographic. This approach allows them to create an environment that encompasses various media such as drawing, sculpture, light installation, sound. The body of the beholder is not confronted with a picture or a single materiality, but moves physically and becomes part of it. Time-based media such as sound anchor the installation in the here and now. Through alternatives displays of the everyday, this practice questions the inscribed power structures which mediate our access to reality and addresses a kind of abyss or emptiness where the separations between nature and culture, reality and fiction is not valid anymore and things oscillate between their pure existence and their reciprocal relations.

The background to the installation planned for the exhibition in Spazio inSitu is a research trip to the Southwestern United States, where the artist collective explored architectural and art projects—most of them started around 1970—that conceived of the desert as a place of decentralization and an exploration of the idea of ​​the future. Making a bridge to artistic creation, the performative installation produced for the exhibition in Rome focuses on questions about the status of the subject and the attempt to thematise, rethink or even redefine its forms of perception and socialization.

Experience and memory, as well as the associated fictionalization, are tools as well as themes in Caroline von Gunten’s works. The starting point of her installation and sculptural works are often collections in the form of notebook entries. Various types of records serve the artist as personal projections of her memories: Notes, audio files of guided conversations, and drawings made in quick strokes. These, in turn, establish connection points in her work, suggesting contexts in the conflicts between architecture and landscape, and between real/experienced and utopian spaces to which our human bodies (and minds) can refer. Orbiting the borderline between reality and fiction, the artist consciously allows for a certain narrative that offers itself to the audience only as a skeleton to create stories from every perspective. Plants, organisms, and everyday objects find their way into this structure. The chosen medium does not always define itself from the field of the artist’s technical abilities. This is a deliberately chosen risk of the process, which makes production more difficult but also opens up new fields and ways of thinking. The artist is particularly interested in the question of how man moves in space and time, physically and mentally.

The works conceived for the duo exhibition, a series of sculptures and a video installation, both deal with the transitions of corporeality into spatial and temporal dimensions. Both are the result of a chain of translations of the corporeal into abstractions (and vice versa), of alienations of the personal into objects and gestures to be appropriated.

The exhibition “Angela Cerullo & Giorgio Bloch / Caroline von Gunten” is kindly supported by Abteilung Kultur Basel-Stadt; by Swisslos/ Kultur Kanton Bern; and by Kultur Stadt Bern.

The series “Gehen in den Bergen spazieren” is under the patronage of the Swiss Embassy and the Swiss Institute Rome